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Accounting services in Vilnius and Lithuania

Every person setting up their own business faces bookkeeping. This is not only time consuming but also requires a lot of experience and knowledge. To avoid these difficulties and to devote time to business development, accounting services are a great choice. Bookkeeping services provide bookkeeping, consultancy in accounting, tax matters, represent clients, etc., thus saving the person the time he can devote to his core business at that time.

Payroll accounting

Wages and salaries are the wages and salaries that include basic salary plus any additional earnings. Payroll accounting is required to accurately calculate and pay wages. Various job accounting documents are used for this purpose. The pay for work is determined by the size of the company, its organizational structure and the nature of its activities.

Registration of purchase and sales invoices

A sales invoice is issued when a buyer sells goods or services. Professional accountants keep a monthly VAT invoice.

Chief accountant services

Chief Accountant services are suitable for companies that have partial accounting (having an accountant). Primary data is entered in the company, and the chief executive officer. The accountant fully performs all accounting duties (check, process, systematize).

Abandoned bookkeeping

If accounting is negligent, unprofessional, or not at all, then neglected accounting is required. This service requires the submission of the necessary previous accounting records and a bank account statement, which will then clear the bookkeeping, correct previous accounting errors, and make the necessary declarations.

Accounting services for nonprofits

Bookkeeping services also manage bookkeeping of non-governmental organizations, charity-support funds, associations, public institutions. Assists with applications and reports to various foundations.

What is VAT? Preparation of VAT returns

VAT - Value Added Tax - a tax levied on value added, as well as mark-ups. It is an indirect tax that is created at all stages of the production process of goods, labor and services and is paid into the budget at the time of sale. Bookkeeping services prepare VAT returns.

Accounting services remotely

Remotely operated accounting services are gaining interest. Remote accounting services have many advantages such as: lower cost of services provided, uninterrupted services, time savings, wide range of services provided, quality of service.

Representation in state institutions “Sodra” and “STI”

While managing the bookkeeping itself, there are often difficulties and problems in communicating with Sodra and VM and other institutions, which inevitably have to deal with in the course of their business. Accounting service providers know how to communicate with such offices, what forms to use at any given time, and how to get things done faster.

Income Statements

This is one of the company's three main financial statements (apart from balance sheet and cash flow statement). This financial statement represents the financial performance of the company for the period to which this report relates.

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Calculation of depreciation of fixed assets

The calculation of the depreciation of fixed assets can be done by separating each fixed asset unit or by pressing a few buttons. Depreciation of fixed assets can be calculated for one month or several months at a time. Depreciation of non-current assets is calculated only for those non-current assets whose status is in use.

Preparation of financial statements

A financial statement is a formal document that describes the financial position and performance of an enterprise or other organization. Companies and other organizations only prepare statutory financial statements. The following mandatory financial statements consist of: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Statement of Changes in Equity.

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